The Northern Atoll, East / Philippines

The dive site is located at the eastern side of the Tubbataha reef at the Northern Atoll. The sandy slope with coral formations runs down from 13m/42ft to 20m/65ft. Caves and cracks are located deeper. The walls are covered with gorgonarias and soft corals. This dive site is excellent for night dives.

Location: The Sulu Sea, eastern part ofTubbataha atoll

What to see: Gorgonarias, soft corals, mantas, turtles, needlefish, antiathes, moonyfish, anemones with clownfish, marine angels, butterflyfish, lionfish, scorpionfish, longhorn cowfish, triggerfish, pufferfish, parrotfish, hawkfish, wrasses, Napoleonfish, guitarfish, starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, eels, ring worms, scallops, nudibranchs and sea lilies.

Depth: 20m-100m/65-328ft

Currents: 1knot


Season for diving: The most suitable diving conditions are from December to May. The water temperature averages between 26-29C/78-84F.


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