Tristlegorm Wreck / Egypt

Tristlegorm Wreck
   A merchant supply vessel Tristlegorm sunk in the Gubal Strait to the north of Ras Mohammed reserve, between Sha’ab Ali reef and west coast of Sinai. This ship was one of the hundred first-rate ships registered in England in 1940. She is 126m/413ft long. She succeeded in performing three war tasks by going to the shores of North America, India and Argentina. The fourth task turned out fatal. On covering a long distance from Glasgow in 1941, she anchored near Sha’ab Ali reef, where she was attacked by a squadron of German bombers.
   Both experienced divers and novices can visit this dive spot, however, taking into consideration strong and changeable currents. Usually the dives are performed in two stages: general tour over the sunk ship and visiting the holds. The divers can find there the cargo that remained almost unchanged: Morris cars, the parts of plane wings, two tanks turned with their caterpillars up, a large propeller, the cartons with medicines, beds, trucks, steam locomotives and railway coaches. The magnificence and beauty of the vessel will surely impress the divers.

What to see: nudibranchs, snappers, rabbitfish, jackfish, surgeonfish, groupers, turtles, Whitetip reef sharks, Eagle rays, dolphins.

Season for diving: All year long.

The average temperature in January is 24C/75F and in July 28C/82F


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