Wreck of Zenobia / Cyprus

Wreck of Zenobia

Wreck of Zenobia is one of the most famous sunken ships in the world. 172m/564ft long ferry Zenobia is located 1.5km/0.9mi from the city of Larnaka at the depth that varies from 16m/53ft (right board) to 42m/138ft (left board). The Swedish ferry was built in 1979 and went on its first voyage in June 1980 to Greece. It transported several trucks, the weight of each reached 40ton. On entering the Larnaka’s harbor, the ferry started careening to the left and soon after it has sunken.

All the passengers have been evacuated and Zenobia was towed to clear the entrance to the harbor. Under good weather conditions the shape of the vessel can be seen from the surface. Because of the careening the wreck has taken almost a vertical position. Some trucks are still hold by the chains in up hung state. The inner sections of Zenobia are available for access: corridors, restaurant hall with well preserved kitchenware and technique, loading deck, captain bridge, radio cabin and machine compartment. At the bottom there are fragments of the vessel and part of the cargo. There are plenty of marine dwellers at Zenobia: schools of barracudas, butterfly fish, sometimes it is possible to see lionfish. The size of the vessel makes it possible to explore it for several days, performing dives in various parts of the ship. The currents are usually not very strong. The visibility can reach 30m/98ft. Diving to the wreck of Zenobia is recommended for more experienced divers.

Location: South-eastern side of Cyprus Island, not far from the city of Larnaka

What to see: The wreck of Zenobia that can be explored both outside and inside, schools of barracudas, butterflyfish, sometimes it is possible to see samaras

Depth: 16-42m/53-138ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 10-50m/32-122ft

Season for diving: The best time is from May to September when the water temperature ranges from 22C/71F to 32C/89F.


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